Permanent Lip Color

Permanent Lip Color - $450

If you are tired of reapplying lipstick throughout the day, or you are dissatisfied with thin or crooked lips, permanent makeup can create fuller, more defined lips. You can pick a shade that matches your favorite lipstick, or a neutral shade for a natural look. Permanent lip liner combined with lipstick can be applied in a variety of colors. If a more neutral color is used, lipstick color can still be applied, and the permanent lip makeup will prevent color from bleeding. When a vivid shade is applied, all that is needed is a subtle lip gloss to enhance the lips.  Permanent lip makeup can add fullness, balance crooked or uneven lips, an minimize the appearance of wrinkles around the lips.

* Results may vary per individual. Microblading 3D Brows and Microblading/Shading are brow enhancements, and IN NO way does it mean you may not have to still fill in your eyebrows, even if just a little. Although we use rulers to achieve symmetry, we DO NOT guarantee perfect symmetry as perfection is impossible. Everyone’s facial symmetry, bone structure, and muscle movements vary. Some clients may need touch ups sooner than others and will be charged the current rate for a touch up service. Results are not guaranteed on those with excessively oily or problematic skin. The final shape of your brows is YOUR decision, and WE DO NOT begin tattooing until you have made your decision. All services provided are non-refundable.

$50 off Microblading or Microblading + Shading