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Method of implanting pigment in hair-like strokes to create the look of fuller brows

Mini Touch Up

Offered up to 16 weeks out from our follow up or annual touch up

Permanent Lip Color

If you are tired of reapplying lipstick throughout the day, permanent makeup is for you

Annual Touch Up

Need a color refresh? This option applies to annual and bi-annual touch ups

Eyelash Tint

Want darker lashes? This is the option for you

Dolly Lash

The Dolly Lash Lift can curl your lashes to show off your length for up to 12 weeks

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Microblading hair stroke eyebrows can make sure that your eyebrows look beautiful and stay that way for up to a year. No more worrying about your brows, because they already look so good. Imagine waking up every day to look into the mirror and smile to yourself. You will applaud yourself for the incredible decision you took.


$50 off Microblading or Microblading + Shading